Server Loader


The (mEAn) ServerLoader will load up your HLDS server as a windows service. It can also be configured to load up other programs as a service, such as HLTV or any other program that normally does not run as a service. It will monitor each loaded service for failures and automatically restart them for you. It will allow you to log out of your Windows session without taking down the service. In addition, it will automatically restart your services whenever your server reboots - no manual intervention is needed! Works on Win2K and XP servers.

  • Automatically loads up your services on server start up and after unexpected restarts.

  • Gives your server unattended 24/7 uptime by automatically restarting your services after failure.

  • Low profile installation, requires very little space and no registry settings.

  • Consumes negligible amounts of memory and CPU time.

  • Simple command-line interface designed for server operators.