Mean Mod

What is the Bot.Admin Manager?

The (mEAn) Bot.Admin Manager ("meanmod") is a plugin designed for the popular FPS game Counter-Strike. It is a dedicated server adminsitrative tool, wrapping up three types of management functions into one integrated package.

If you do not run a dedicated server meanmod will still work for you - click here for details.

Most bots are ill suited for running on a dedicated server as they were originally designed for single user play. The meanmod solves this problem and many others.

The meanmod has been designed specifically as an "Admin Mod" for running a Bot Server, it has unique features designed for running bots on a remote server, has clan server management and training features, and it can be used with or without bots on regular servers.

Meanmod does not have to sit on a dedicated server, it can also be used on single user LAN games or on listen servers.

Meanmod provides server operators with the following main features:

  • Bot Management:

    Provides a rich set of administrative control features designed specifically for dedicated bot servers. It also provides a rich set of bot enhancement features, giving your bots greatly enhanced combat skills and player realism - the highest bot skill levels are good enough even for clan level training.

  • Clan Training/Management:

    Provides your clan server with special features designed for your clan members. Includes features designed to assist with clan training and provides secure clan level "admin" access (configurable).

  • Server Management:

    Provides dedicated server operators with advanced server management features. The rich feature set is comparable to popular administrative mods such as Admin Mod and Clan Mod. Meanmod includes some management features not found anywhere else. These features are specifically designed to assist a server operator with bot and clan management. Meanmod will coexist well with both Admin Mod and Clan Mod if use of these mods are desired.

Not Running a Dedicated Server?

Although meanmod is designed to run on dedicated servers, it will also work well on listen servers and even on single user LAN games. For example, you can use meanmod on single user games when playing with bots to make use of the bot enhancements and control functions. You may also use it on a listen server, which is a combined server and client, for the same reasons you would run it on a dedicated server. Back to overview

Bot Management

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  • Supports most Counter-Strike Bots, including: PodBot, JoeBot, RB:AI, WBot, PLBot, Akimbot and others.

  • Provides unique features for running a dedicated bot server.

  • Makes your bots tough as nails. Enhances your bots skills, giving them silent walking, enhanced combat movement, significantly improved aiming, and adjustable skill levels.

  • Adds several POD bot fixes which turn on automatically only when POD bots are in the game.

  • Enforced Human vs Bot play. Ensures people and bots stay on opposing teams.

  • Auto bot team switching. The bot team will randomly switch after a map change.

  • Consistent commands for adding, removing and controlling the bots.

  • Full featured security authentication for secure remote control of your server. Gives you full control over the bots without RCON access!

  • Automatically increase and decrease bot count as people come and go. The bot count is fully configurable. For example, you can specify that 2 bots will be added for every human player that joins, or you can specify that the server will be filled with bots where a bot will leave as each player joins. Other modes available.

  • Bots can be made to appear on your server when there are no players in game. This will give your server a 24/7 player count. Having a player count greater than zero will help attract traffic to your server.

  • Apply weapon restrictions to both humans and bots! E.g., if you limit weapon buying to the pistols only, the bots will not buy any other weapon.

  • Many more features are available for controlling bots on your server.

  • You can run the mod entirely without bots! See additional features for running a clan server or general dedicated server.

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Clan Training and Management

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  • Your clan members can be added to the password protected user list giving them access to some of the server functions.

  • Weapon restrictions for training can be enabled/disabled with simple commands. For example, you can enable "shotgun war" where all players (including any bots) are limited to the shotgun weapon. Many other "war modes" are available.

  • Enforced "Clan Member vs World" play. Ensures guests and clan members stay on opposing teams.

  • Fully configurable headshot only modes for HS training. You can train on humans, bots, or against the World team.

  • Give yourself bot damage protection, allowing you to train against bots without dying too quickly, and with GOD mode you will almost never die!

  • Enhance your skills against the toughest bots you've ever seen. If your bots are still too weak even on highest skill level, then switch to the "insane" skill level, and no matter how good you are, you'll be in for a hell of a time.

  • There are more features not listed here for clan managment and training.

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Server Management

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  • Admin users can be given a variable combination of wonid, username and password protected access to your server without RCON access. You can make gaining access as secure as you like.

  • Player discipline commands:

    • Player/Bot Slap - Soft, Hard and Bitch Slap!

    • Player/Bot Slay

    • Idiot Mute

    • Plant a Time Bomb on a troublesome Player or Bot!
    • ...and much more

  • Several types of Admin "say" messaging

  • Server lock with password made easy

  • Adds optional custom sounds to your server. You have full control over the sounds and you can allow both players and bots to "speak" the sounds. This is loads of fun!!!

  • IP address banning to protect your server

  • Configurable auto kick timeout for AFK players or campers

  • Player "say" commands such as "nextmap" and "timeleft"

  • Compatible with Admin Mod and Clan Mod. Redundant or unused commands can be disabled as needed

  • Load maps by name or rotation number

  • Add map scenarios for custom server and bot settings for each map loaded.

  • Text file logging of just about everything

  • There are many more server control features not listed here.

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